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Q&A - What happens if bequeathed gift is no longer in estate when Will is read?

Q:   My mother has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home. Last week my aunt told me that my mother had promised to leave her a valuable piece of family jewellery in her Will, a piece which she herself had inherited from their mother. The problem is that my sister and I were unaware of this and as we have joint power of attorney over our mother's affairs we sold the piece of jewellery to help pay for her care. I fear my aunt could become extremely difficult about this when the time comes for our mother's Will to be read. What will happen if the jewellery is bequeathed to her and it is no longer in our mother's estate?

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Q&A - I heard my ex-wife is planning to emigrate with our son. What should I do?

Q:  I believe my ex-wife is planning to emigrate to South Africa with her new partner and our twelve year old son. She has not discussed it with me, even though we both have parental responsibility. What should I do?

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Q&A - Is my Aunt entitled to claim from the NHS for nursing care?

Q:  I have an elderly spinster aunt who after having a severe stroke has been in a nursing home for the past eighteen months and will spend the remainder of her days there. As her next of kin I was going to sell her home to pay for her care as her savings are diminishing at an alarming rate. However, someone has recently told me the NHS should be paying for her care as she requires nursing. Is this correct?

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