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Q&A - Personal injury solicitors are not keeping me informed. What can I do?

In our opinion pursuing litigation should always a matter of teamwork.  A good solicitor will always keep you informed about the timetable and when they need some input from you. If your relationship with your solicitor has broken down, now might be the time to switch your instructions to a different firm before anything disastrous happens. You can find a list of local solicitors on The Law Society website who have accreditations in various areas of law. Choosing a local firm with the right accreditation should give you peace of mind.

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Q&A - Can CCJ be set aside if elderly father was unaware of unpaid bill?

Q: My father is elderly and bedbound.  He is reliant upon friends to take care of shopping, washing, and so on. I work away during the week but usually go at the weekends to help him sort out his post, pay his bills etc. I have been away for over two months though, visiting my daughter in Australia. During my absence other people were looking after things. Now it turns out that he is being sued for an unpaid bill for electricity.  I didn’t know anything about the Court case and it seems that judgment has now been entered against him.  What can I do to help?

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Q&A - Do health issues brought on by cellmate hanging himself warrant an injury claim?

Q: My son is serving a prison sentence in jail in Liverpool. He has been a model prisoner since being convicted and was looking forward to early release. Tragically, a few weeks ago, one of the people he was sharing a cell with hung himself.  Even worse, my son had to help the prison officers take down his body.

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Q&A - Can I protect my house for my children if I die and my partner remarries?

Q: I have two young children and I recently had a health scare which has made me think of the future. My husband and I are still quite young and I want to make sure my children would be protected if I was to pass away and he was to remarry or cohabit. I have heard of children being left with no inheritance when a parent dies and the other remarries and wouldn’t want this to happen to my children. Can I stop this from happening?

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