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Q&A - Can I give my Inheritance to my Daughter?

Q:  My widowed mother recently died, leaving her house between me and my two sisters and £40,000 in savings and investments to be shared equally between her six grandchildren.  The house has been valued at £225,000 and my daughter would like to buy it.  My sisters are happy with that but my daughter would need help to raise a deposit for a mortgage.  Could I give my share of the house to her as a deposit?  And could the house be signed over to her directly or would it have to be transferred in my name and that of my siblings?

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Q&A - I know my boss is breaking the law - what should I do?

Q:  I work for a local delicatessen and I am aware that my manager frequently changes dates on food that has passed its ‘use by' date. I know this is in breach of food safety law and that it poses a risk that someone may become ill if they eat gone-off food. I feel very uncomfortable knowing all this - what should I do?

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Q&A - My mother has Dementia and has cut me out of her Will - what can I do?

Q:  My widowed mother passed away recently. We had a good relationship even though I emigrated to Canada many years ago. I recently returned to live in the UK to help my aunt nurse my mother who was suffering from Dementia. I am adopted and my aunt has always resented this. I have now discovered that, whilst living with my aunt, my mother made a new Will, excluding me and benefitting my aunt and cousins. What can I do?

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