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Q&A - My ex keeps ignoring Court Order saying my son can spend Xmas with me.

Q: My ex-wife took our son to stay with her parents in Scotland at Christmas, despite the family court issuing an Order when we divorced which said he should spend alternate years with me. This happens every year. She just blatantly breaks the Court Order and gets away with it. What can I do?

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Q&A - My ex is delaying divorce settlement so my father will die first and I will inherit

Q: I am sure my ex-wife is refusing to settle the financial side of our divorce because she knows my father suffers ill health and she thinks if she hangs things out until he dies I will inherit from him and she will get a share. What can I do?

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Q&A - Would we own the hardware, software and systems of a bespoke IT package?

Q: My business is going so well that after just two years we are expanding and moving to new premises in two different locations. We are also investing in a new, linked computer system which will be supplied and maintained by an IT consultancy. The guarantees and ownership of our current off-the-shelf machines were straightforward but as we will be purchasing hardware, software and a bespoke system this time, can you clarify that we will own everything?

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Q&A - If I divorce my husband am I entitled to some of his redundancy money?

Q: My husband and I are not getting along for several reasons and I am considering divorce. He was made redundant recently and I know he received a good redundancy package but he is being secretive. He has told me it is nothing to do with me. Is he right? 

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New Probate Solicitor for leading Wrexham private client team

Leading North Wales law firm GHP Legal has announced the appointment of a new Probate Solicitor to the Private Client team at its Wrexham head office.

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Q&A - If my girlfriend moved in with me could she make any claim on my house?

Q: My girlfriend came to stay over Christmas and we got on so well that I am tempted to ask her to move in with me. We haven’t however known each other long and I am worried what would happen if the relationship didn’t work out long term. Could she make a claim on my house?

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