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Q&A - We did not use a Solicitor when we divorced can my ex make any future financial claims?

Q: My long time wife and I divorced nine years ago.  We agreed on the divorce as we both realised we no longer loved each other. As we agreed we did not instruct solicitors, just paid the Court fee, did everything else ourselves and then went our separate ways.  I now live with a new partner and we intend to buy a property together.  As we didn’t deal with finances when we got divorced, can my ex-wife claim against my assets?

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Q&A - Do the Terms and Conditions for my Love Doll business override the manufacturers Terms & Conditions?

Q: I run a successful business that sells love dolls. However, a dispute has arisen with my UK manufacturer as a number of the dolls keep malfunctioning and I have had several customers return the products for full refunds.

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Q&A - What is Mediation can I not just go straight to the Family Court?

Q.  My ex has been refusing to let me see the kids since I began a new relationship. It’s just sheer spite on her part because the kids have met my new partner and they really like her. I thought perhaps I could take her to court but my mate at work says he went through something similar and he was told he would have to prove he’d tried to resolve the issue through mediation before he could go to Court. What exactly is mediation?

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Q&A - How can I get my children back from long term foster care?

Q:  My two children were placed in long term foster care after Court proceedings finished in 2015. I have worked hard to turn my life around and address my issues with alcohol and drugs and I now want to have my children returned to me. What are my chances?

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Workplace harassment cases are most difficult to deal with says local lawyer

In a week when sexual harassment stories are being reported by every media source in the country, a partner at one of the region’s largest law firms says sexual harassment claims can be the most difficult to deal with in the workplace.

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Wrexham solicitor criticises Government over tardy handling of Employment Tribunal fees refunds

A Wrexham employment solicitor has criticised delays by the Government to implement its plans to refund Employment Tribunal fees to those affected by a landmark decision of the Supreme Court.

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