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Q&A - My ex has been charged with drug offences. Can I stop him seeing our kids?

Q. I recently found out my ex has been found guilty of possession of cannabis. There is a Court order saying he can see our children every other week. Can I stop him from seeing them?

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Q&A - What pitfalls should farmers look out for following the Summer Budget?

Q: On the surface it looks as if the Summer Budget has brought good news for us farmers with regard to some of the inheritance issues that often stop children from wanting to take over a farm. But as I’m a natural cynic I’m wondering whether there are any catches I should be aware of?

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Q&A - How can I go about challenging my mothers will?

Q: My mother and I fell out over my boyfriend, who is now my fiancé. She has not had anything to do with me for more than three years and I have heard she has changed her Will so that my fiancé cannot benefit from her estate.  I am an only child and I hope one day to have her grandchildren, but I am told she wants her estate divided between her next door neighbour, who has looked after her since she had a stroke last year, and the children of a friend whom she refers to as ‘my surrogate grandchildren’. Could I challenge her Will? And how?

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Q&A - Does mediation just sort out divorce issues or are child arrangements decided then too?

Q: I understand that nowadays you can’t apply to the divorce court for a Financial Order unless you have gone through mediation, but what happens about children? Are arrangements for them made during mediation? How are they governed? Do children have to attend the mediation sessions?

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Property Department Vacancy

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join us here at GHP Legal – a Legal 500 practice.  A vacancy has occurred in our Oswestry branch for a property solicitor, legal executive or licensed conveyancer to join our property team.

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