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Q&A - If I divorce my husband, could he make me and my children homeless?

Q:  My husband is a selfish verbal bully who always puts himself before me and our four children. I would like to divorce him but I don't have a job and I cannot see him giving up our beautiful house in order that he can put a roof over our heads somewhere else. My friend says he cannot make us homeless but I am not so sure. Where do I stand?

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Q&A - Can my ex-wife stop me seeing my children?

Q:  After getting divorced last year I got a new place to live and have had my children to stay every weekend since then. My ex-wife has been fine about the arrangement up until a few weeks ago when my new partner moved in with me. Now my ex-wife has taken objection is saying she will not let me see our children because she doesn't like my new partner. What should I do?.

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