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Q&A My gas boiler installation certificate is missing – what will happen if I sell up?

I’ve just discovered that I don’t have a boiler installation certificate for the new build house I bought 7 years ago. I called developers and they said the installation contractor has since gone out of business and as it would have been the contractor who issued it, they can’t do anything about it. Will this be a problem if I want to sell?

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Q&A Does an outstanding loan have to be repaid if the lender dies?

My Mum made a substantial loan to my brother last year when he lost his job. He was supposed to pay her back every month when he got a new job, but so far he has paid nothing, always coming up with some excuse why he cannot start paying ‘just yet’. 

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Q&A What are my rights for taking time off if strike action closes kids’ school?

I have just had to take time off work to look after my children because of the teachers’ strike.... What exactly are my rights regarding things like this?

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Q&A Can I demand employee takes a drug test?

I suspect an employee may be under the influence of drugs when he is at work. Can I demand he takes a drugs test?

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