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Q&A - I have fathered a child. Can I see him?

I have just discovered that I have fathered a son with my former partner. Apparently, she deliberately got pregnant and her only interest in me was for that purpose. Whilst I will not ever forgive her for using me, I would like to get to know my son and play a part in his life. I have contacted my ex-partner to tell her this, but she will not talk to me about it and says she does not want me in her life or our son’s life. Do I have any legal right to be involved in his life?

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Q&A - Can my employee insist on working from home?

Q:        One of our employees has requested to work permanently from home, as he did during lockdown when we temporarily closed our offices to prevent the spread of covid. I am not happy to agree as I believe he will get distracted by his wife and young children when he should be working. Would there be legal implications if I turned down his request?

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