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Q&A - What happens to the business when co-Directors fall out?

Q: I am a director and shareholder of a small local company.  My friend and I set up the business and we each have 50% of the shares.  Until recently everything was working well, but we have had a major disagreement and now neither of us wants to continue working with the other. What can we do?

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Q&A - Can I set up a private mortgage to help my daughter purchase a home?

Q: My daughter has come back home after recently splitting with her boyfriend. They were saving for a house but on her own she does not have quite enough for a deposit and is unlikely to get a big enough mortgage based on her salary. I am in a position to buy a house for her, but I need a return on my money. Although I could just charge her rent I would prefer the house to be in her name. I am however conscious that I would need to protect my interest in the property as her circumstances could change in the future. Would formally setting up a private mortgage provide this protection?

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Q&A - Can I do anything to force my business partner to pull his weight?

Q: My friend and I set up in business as a partnership, but my friend has got family problems and appears to have lost interest in the business. Consequently I am doing the majority of the work whilst he just sits back. What can I do?

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Q&A - A company I supplied has gone into administration - can I recoup goods or payment?

Q: I regularly supply goods to one of my customers which is a limited company, and which has now gone into administration.  I have not been paid for the goods which I supplied.  Is there anything I can do to be paid or to get my goods returned?

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