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Q&A - Is this a case of Clinical Negligence?

Q:  My brother collapsed and died in a supermarket after calling in on his way home from hospital for milk. He had been sent to the hospital earlier that day after attending his local surgery with chest pains, but the hospital sent him home without any tests, saying it was probably indigestion. A post mortem showed he had a blocked artery.

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Q&A - How can I regain possession of my cottage in North Wales?

Q:  I made a verbal agreement with my granddaughter that she could move into my property, which is located in North Wales, as long as she made a payment in respect of rent each month. However, over the past 18 months she has made only 3 payments for rent and despite me asking her to move out of the property she is refusing to do so.

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GHP Legal strengthens team with key promotions

Leading multi-discipline law firm, GHP Legal, has strengthened its team with a series of key promotions. The Wrexham promotions are part of the firm’s continuing growth strategy that commenced with a merger with Oswestry law firm, Milton, Francis & Hughes, closely followed by the opening of prestigious new commercial offices in Oswestry alongside the firm’s existing Willow Street offices in the town.

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Paralegal advocate adds expertise to busy Prison Law and Mental Health teams

The busy Prison Law and Mental Health teams at leading law firm, GHP Legal, has strengthened its expertise with the appointment of a paralegal advocate with a long time interest in human rights.

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Q&A - Boss refuses to let me have four consecutive weeks’ holiday. What can I do?

Q: I got married in August this year but we delayed our honeymoon as we wanted to visit my wife’s family in Australia and the wedding cost so much that we needed to a chance to save again. We looked at going for Christmas but it was too expensive, so instead we decided to go out for our first anniversary. The problem is my employer is refusing to let me have four consecutive weeks off work. Is there anything I can do?

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Q&A - Could an Executor of a Will be liable to pay IHT if Probate is delayed?

Q: A friend is rewriting her Will and has asked if I will be an Executor with her brother, who frankly is unreliable and can be awkward. I am concerned as I have heard an executor can be liable for paying Inheritance Tax if there are problems sorting out the Will that cause a delay with getting Probate.

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Q&A - Can company directors be prosecuted under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007?

Q: I am considering becoming a sleeping partner in a small building firm owned by a relative who is looking to expand and needs financial input. The proposal on the table is that I would become a non-executive director.

Due to the very nature of the construction industry and the fact that health and safety is not an area with which I am particularly familiar, one of my concerns is whether as a director I could be held personally liable if there was an accident causing injury or death to a site worker. Could I be prosecuted under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007?

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