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Local Authorities and Care Homes must ensure vulnerable residents are not forgotten about during COVID-19 pandemic.

The head of Public Authority Law at one of the top 500 law firms in the country has issued a reminder to Local Authorities and Care Homes that they need to put specific plans in place to ensure the most vulnerable members of society are properly protected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Q&A - Is boss discriminating against me in demanding post COVID furlough work return?

Q:    When the coronavirus pandemic hit us, along with other work colleagues I was furloughed. As my disabled son is in residential care and I was told I would not be able to visit him because of lockdown, I decided to have him home and care for him myself. Now my boss wants me to return to work in the office, despite two male colleagues being allowed to return and work from home. I would prefer to work from home as it will take time to get my son back into residential care and even when that happens, I may still not be allowed to visit him. If male colleagues can work from home doing the same job as me, surely this is discrimination?

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Q&A - Furlough pay is not enough to keep up maintenance payments what happens if I just pay less?

Q:    I am really struggling to make ends meet as my furlough pay during the COVID crisis is nowhere near my usual salary. I tried to talk to my ex about paying less maintenance for the kids until the situation eases but she refused to discuss it. What would happen if I just paid less into her bank account?

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