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Inspirational fundraiser retires from Oswestry law firm

An Oswestry breast cancer survivor who became well known in the town for her ‘pink day’ fundraisers is hanging up her receptionist’s phone and retiring after 38 years of working for a local law firm.

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Q&A Can we change Dad’s Will after he dies to include his grandchildren?

My widowed father has never updated his Will and now it is too late because he has Alzheimer’s. My concern is that he has left nothing to his grandchildren who could really do with a leg up financially. I know it used to be possible to amend a Will after someone died, is this still the case?

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Q&A Do all executors need to apply for a grant of probate?

My mum prepared a will prior to her death, appointing me and both my brothers as her executors. One of my brothers was recently diagnosed with cancer and my other lives in Canada. It is therefore not possible for us all to get together to sign any paperwork. Could I alone apply for probate?

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