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Family lawyer praises landmark domestic abuse bill published today

A lawyer who heads up one of the region’s largest family law departments has praised a landmark domestic abuse bill published today by the Government.

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Supreme Court victory for North Wales lawyer in Deprivation of Liberty case

A leading North Wales law firm whose specialist lawyers have gained a reputation for upholding the rights of mental health patients across North Wales, Mid Wales, Shropshire and the North-West, has gained victory in a Deprivation of Liberty case brought in the Supreme Court.

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Team boost for top tier law firm’s busy Civil Litigation department

A County Court Advocate who dealt with litigation hearings across the North-West and North Wales for ten years has joined one of the area’s largest independent law firms.

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Q&A - What is the best way to pass on shares in a private limited company?

Q: I am thinking about setting up a business with my brother. Whilst we get on, our wives sadly don’t. We are however planning to make our wives shareholders in the business, for financial reasons. Obviously setting up the business changes a lot of things in our lives and we will need to make new Wills to take these into account. If we leave our shares to our wives and something happens to one of us, the other one’s widow would effectively become a majority shareholder, which worries me.  Can we protect ourselves against this happening?

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Q&A - Can we change from Joint Ownership of our property to Tenants in Common?

Q:  My husband and I chose to own our home jointly (as Joint Tenants) so that when one of us dies our half automatically goes to the other. However, when we chose to do that we did not have children. Now we do have children we would like to leave our half of the home to them rather than to each other. Is there any way we can change the way we own the property?

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