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Q&A Abusive father has found me due to a data breach. Can I claim compensation?

I grew up in care because my father abused me. When I reached 18 in 2021, I got a job and moved into a flat. I had not seen my father since I was eleven. Then at the beginning of the summer I got a letter from him....

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Q&A Can police charge my son if I refuse to press assault charges against him?

My son, in his twenties and living with me, is on a cocktail of drugs for a medical condition....Last week he attacked me and I ended up in hospital. The police were called and he was sectioned.... Can the police charge him with assault if I don’t press charges?

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Q&A Do I need any licenses to open and run an art gallery?

I am an artist and I am thinking of opening a gallery next year.... Can I just check from a legal point whether there are any licensing requirements for art galleries open to the public for the purpose of selling work?

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Q&A Can an Occupation Order really deny me access into my own home?

My girlfriend and I had a bust up when I discovered she had slept with my best friend. Next day she changed the locks and for a week I haven’t been able to get into the house.....

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