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Q&A - My husband is abusive but I have no job and nowhere to go what can I do?

Q. I admit my husband has a very stressful job but lately he has been shouting at me and the children more and more, to the point where I am becoming a nervous wreck and the children are frightened when he is around. I really want to leave him to protect the children from his abusive behaviour, but I do not work and I have nowhere to go. What can I do?

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Q&A - How will the new rates of stamp duty land tax impact if I buy a second home?

Q: I am thinking about buying a second home for £200,000. Initially it would be a holiday home but in the long term I may decide to rent it out. Can you please explain the changes being made to stamp duty land tax and how those changes will affect me, especially if I decide to rent out the property?

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Q&A - Can I protect my inheritance from my fiance when we are married?

Q:  My fiancé comes from a much less privileged background than me. My mother doesn’t like him and thinks he only asked me to marry him so that he can get a share of my inheritance when she dies. Now she wants me to persuade my fiancé to sign a pre-nup relinquishing all rights to any money I inherit. I must admit my mother’s nagging has made me think about the wisdom of protecting myself financially, but I didn’t think pre-nups were legally enforceable in this country. Can you confirm?

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Landlords Buying to Let before April tax increases

A Oswestry solicitor has reported an unusually high number of enquiries from would-be Buy to Let Landlords and second home owners following the announcement of the increases to Stamp Duty Land Tax on second homes set to kick in on 1st April 2016.

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Q&A - My husband has been violent for years but I do not know what to do about it

Q: My husband is regularly violent towards me when he has been drinking, often in front of the children, but I have been frightened to do anything about it and can’t afford a solicitor. My friend says I should get an injunction against him but how long would it take?

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Q&A - How can I stop my ex daughter-in-law benefitting from money I leave my son?

Q: I recently had a health scare which has made me think about who will inherit my money when I die.  I really want to leave everything split between my daughter and my son. I am concerned, however, that, as my son is recently divorced and still has not concluded the financial settlement of the divorce, his ex-wife will be entitled to part of his inheritance. I am sure she is refusing to settle the financial side of their divorce because of my ill health. Is there any way I can ensure that only he will benefit?

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