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Q&A - Why do I need a Will if the Statutory Legacy sum has increased?

Q:  My partner is giving me a hard time about making a Will. But if neither of us has any children to fight over it, and my half of the house we bought together is less than the Statutory Legacy amount that I believe has just increased to £270,000, why would I need to make a Will?

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Q&A - My brother is more ill than he realises and needs to be sectioned. As his nearest relative what can I do?

Q: My brother has suffered mental illness for many years. His son and his wife have both died in the past twelve months and I think this has affected him far more badly than he realises. I am currently visiting him every week because I am so worried about him. I think he needs to be admitted to hospital for treatment as I believe he is a danger to himself, but he won’t discuss it. His wife always took responsibility for him when his mental health deteriorated in the past, but now he has no-one. Is there anything I can do?

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Q&A - Will divorce be easier if we wait two years?

Q.  I separated from my wife last month. I have read online that we should wait two years to get divorced as it will make things easier for us. Is this right?

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New solicitor appointed to growing Oswestry Mental Health team

A new solicitor has been appointed to the busy Mental Health department at the Oswestry office of leading regional law firm, GHP Legal. 

Andy Howarth is the latest mental health lawyer to join a highly qualified team of specialists at the firm which is one of very few in the area that has the expertise to deal with the growing number of mental health referrals the country is currently seeing.

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Q&A - I am worried about IHT liability when I die as my house has risen in value

Q: I have just had my house valued and discovered it has risen considerably. I don’t have much cash but with the value of the house now exceeding £375,000 I am worried that it will mean my son having to pay Inheritance Tax when I die. I have considered signing the house over to him now, but at my age I am concerned I won’t live the required seven years after doing so for it to benefit him. What else can I do?

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