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Q&A - Selling a tenanted property - how does it affect the landlord and tenant

Q: I am a landlord looking to sell my property.  Currently there is a tenant in the property on an assured shorthold tenancy who is worried about having a new landlord and what this will mean for her.  How will this affect my sale of the property and does the tenant have any rights?

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Prisoners are confused by HDC early release scheme says local Prison Law expert

The Government’s recent decision to order prison governors in England and Wales to review the cases of all prisoners refused early release under the new Home Detention Curfew (HDC) Scheme has brought concern within the legal profession. 

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Q&A - Neighbours trees are blocking light to my garden. What can I do?

Q: My neighbours have allowed several trees to grow to such a height in their garden that I am worried a strong wind may blow them over and damage my property. I have tried to discuss the problem with my neighbours but they have refused to reduce the height of the trees. What can I do to resolve the issue? 

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Q&A - Can I get wedding venue or cheating ex to repay my deposit?

My fiancée and I booked a wedding venue after getting engaged, but then I found out he was having an affair with my brother and I called the wedding off. The venue is now refusing to return the large deposit I paid and my fiancée is refusing to give me with his half of the cost of the cancelled hire. Firstly, how can the venue charge me for the cancellation and secondly why hasn’t my ex-fiancée suffered any loss given that it is his fault the wedding has been called off?

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Q&A - Who gets the dog when we separate?

Q: I have recently separated from my long term partner, and as you can imagine, there are a lot of issues that now need to be resolved. Although it may seem silly, one of the most difficult issues we have discussed to date is who gets to keep Hulk, our French bulldog. I know that in the majority of separation cases it is money that people argue over but, for me, keeping Hulk is all I care about. My former partner is not however prepared to give Hulk up and she says under no circumstances will she agree to me keeping him.

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Q&A - Who to sue in bad weather collisions - local authority or other driver?

Q. I was involved in a multiple vehicle pile-up during the “Beast from the East”. I could see the vehicles ahead were backed up and I managed to stop in time but a car behind skidded into me and I collided with the central barrier. My leg was badly crushed in the accident and I am now off work. Who do I sue? The Local Authority for the poor road conditions, or the driver? 
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