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Q&A - How can I get ex-husband's name removed from mortgage and deeds?

Q: My ex-husband left me for someone else seven years ago. We had only been married for six months and we bought the house I still live in when we got married. I have paid the mortgage ever since and I also paid the deposit on the house with the proceeds of a property I owned previously. We finally divorced in 2016 on the grounds of five years living apart. We went to Mediation to sort out the finances but it was never resolved as he wanted me to pay him £20,000 to sign the house over to me, which was hardly fair as he had contributed almost nothing to it. I haven’t heard from him since and don’t know where he is. Can I apply to the court to get his name removed from the deeds?

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Q&A - How can I be sure my insurers will get me fair compensation for crash injuries?

Q: I was driving my 3-year old son home from nursery when a bus ran into the back of my car. My son and I both suffered whiplash and several weeks on I am still in pain and my son is terrified of getting into the car and screams hysterically every time I try to get him into his car seat. My life is a nightmare. My insurance company says they will claim compensation for our injuries as well as the damage to my car, but how will I know if they will get me a fair sum or whether they will just advise me to accept the first offer to close the case?

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Q&A - Court of Protection has invited me to act as litigation friend but I do not agree with what my mother wants.

Q:  My mother is in a Care Home as she has dementia. However, she has instructed solicitors to try and get her out to live in her own home. I have now received an Order from the Court of Protection inviting me to act as Litigation Friend because my mother lacks capacity to make decisions herself. She is under “DOLS” and is not allowed leave the care home for her own safety. I agree with this and don’t think she should be allowed to return home. What is a Litigation Friend and can I still act as Litigation Friend if I don’t agree with what she’s asking for?

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Q&A - Can I charge my wifes new partner rent if he moves into our family home with her?

Q:  I am married with a 12-year old daughter but my wife and I separated six months ago. Since the separation my wife has lived with our son in the property we bought in joint names and I still pay the mortgage as she is not working. Now she has met someone else and he wants to move in with her. I am not happy about this as I am struggling financially to get a home of my own together. Could I charge my wife’s new partner rent as I own half the house and pay the mortgage?

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Q&A - Tenants have not paid rent for two months. Should I issue a Section 21 Notice?

Q: I took in new tenants at a house I own in May. They signed a 12-month fixed term tenancy agreement and all was well for two months. Then in July and August they failed to pay the rent until reminded. However, since then no rent has been paid and they don’t answer calls. Should I serve a Section 21 notice for possession?

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Lawyer cycles through worst weather of winter to raise £1000 for heart charity

A lawyer from one of the region’s largest independent law firms has helped raise more than £1000 for the British Heart Foundation in a gruelling bike ride that took place on the first bad weather day of winter.

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