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Q&A - I believe previous tenants' debts are affecting my credit rating

Q:  I have been living in the same rented house for almost a year. The tenants who lived here before me left considerable debts behind and I have had bailiffs knocking on my door on more than one occasion. Now I have been refused a loan and I am worried it is because the address I live at has been blackballed due to the former tenant's debts. What can I do to clear my name?

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Q&A - Employer ignored broken chair that caused back injury. Can I claim compensation?

Q:  Months ago I complained to my employer about my broken desk chair which was forcing me to sit in the wrong position for typing. Nothing was done and I started getting back pain. My GP sent me for x-rays and it transpires I have a collapsed disc which has trapped a nerve in my back and requires an operation. I was told the operation may not cure the pain and I could be left with impaired movement. Can I sue my employer for compensation?

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Q&A - What happens if father's Will cannot be found and how do I know if it's valid?

Q:  My father doesn't like people knowing about his private affairs, even close family, and he doesn't believe in solicitors. Although he says he has made a Will I haven't seen it and if it exists I don't know where it is. I am worried what will happen when he dies, if I either can't find his Will or else it hasn't been drawn up properly.

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