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Q&A Can I get extra stamp duty/land tax refunded now I’ve sold original house?

Eighteen months ago, I purchased a new property as my main residence. Unfortunately, the sale of the property I was living in previously fell through, but I was still able to go ahead with purchasing the new property.....

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Q&A Should we make Wills if we are not married and are buying a home together?

My partner and I are going to sell our individual properties and buy a house together. I said we should make Wills at the same time because I read somewhere that couples who aren’t married could end up losing half their home to their partner’s family if they died without a Will in place. My partner doesn’t believe this. Please can you confirm the situation?

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Q&A Can my EPA still be registered, or do I need to make a new Power of Attorney?

I prepared an Enduring Power of Attorney many years ago naming my son as my Attorney... Is it too late to register it?

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Q&A Will buying a property with a Granny Annex incur higher Stamp Duty/Land Tax?

Will such a property would be classed as a multiple dwelling and therefore attract additional Stamp Duty/Land Tax?

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Trainee Solicitors who met at same law school qualify as solicitors in the same law firm.

Harriet Roberts and Ruby Williams both studied for the Graduate Diploma of Law and Legal Practice Course at the University of Law’s Christleton campus in Chester, before joining leading North Wales law firm GHP Legal in 2021

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