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Q&A Can Nil Rate Band IHT be transferred to more than one surviving spouse?

My stepfather died earlier this year.... a large proportion of his Nil Rate Band (NRB) exemption allowance went unused. I have tried to explain to my mother that she can get it transferred to her, as the surviving spouse. Now she is wondering whether she should have done this when her first husband (my father) died back in 2007 .....

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Q&A Can I claim compensation for undiagnosed break to scaphoid bone?

In April I tripped and fell onto stone paving. I put my hand out to save myself and badly damaged my wrist and knee. At my GP surgery I saw a nurse who said they just seemed to be badly bruised.

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Q&A How do I go about putting my partner’s name on my house deeds?

My partner and I have been together for almost four years and are planning to start a family. Our house is in my name only, but I would like her name on the deeds to show my commitment to our relationship. Does she have to be on the mortgage too?

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Buying a house together? Protect your interests!

what are the implications of people buying property together when they are not married? And what happens if they split up, become ill or die?

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Q&A If I buy out housing association shares, will I still have to pay ground rent?

I bought a house through a shared ownership scheme.... If we own the house 100%, will we still have to pay ground rent and service charges?

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