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Q&A - Can we sue boxing club for son's brain injury?

Q: My 15-year old son recently joined the local boxing club. Whilst he was in training the coach told him to box with another boy of similar age, for three 1minute rounds. In the second round my son was punched in the stomach, which caused him to fall and hit his head on the ring floor. The coach phoned to tell me me about his accident and I immediately drove to the hospital.

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Q&A - What are the current laws on surrogacy and how and when are they changing?

Q: I saw recently on the news that the current surrogacy laws are to be updated. Can you advise what changes will be made and when, as my husband and I have been unable to conceive naturally and are considering surrogacy as an option.

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Q&A - Hotel flood ruined my work's IT equipment. Are they liable for the damage?

Q.  I am an IT Engineer and often spend considerable amounts of time away from home with work. I was recently staying in a hotel and when I returned to my ground floor room from my evening meal I found various items of my expensive computer equipment water damaged as the result of a flood. The equipment is completely ruined. I have spoken to the hotel owners who have informed me they are not accepting any liability for the damage. Is their stance correct?

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Law firms hopes for sunny outcome to Chirk Castle flower display

Leading North Wales and Shropshire law firm GHP Legal says despite the current inclement weather it is hoping for a sunny outcome to the unique metal sunflower display it has helped to sponsor at Chirk Castle, in aid of Nightingale House hospice.

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Parish Walk will be more than a stroll in the park for fundraising Wrexham solicitor

A Wrexham solicitor is to attempt an 85 mile ‘Parish Walk’ in 24 hours later this month, whilst on holiday in the Isle of Man.

John Lancaster, who is a prominent mental health lawyer with leading law firm GHP Legal and a member of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, will set off on the walk at 8am on 22nd June with the aim of raising funds for Age UK Cheshire and Scripture Union on the Isle of Man.

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Q&A - Can I change the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) I set up six years ago?

Q:  I’ve watched two friends lose capacity and end up in a real pickle because they had not made any provision for something happening that left them unable to look after themselves or their affairs. To avoid being in a similar situation myself, six years ago I set up a Lasting Power of Attorney with my daughter named as Attorney. However, my daughter now lives with a controlling man whose eyes grow large whenever he sees my very substantial house and I am worried he might persuade my daughter to act in his best interests rather than mine. Can I change the LPA if it has been registered?

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Q&A - Can inmate get help to bring a slander case against prison?

Q: My boyfriend is in prison and he really is not having a nice time there.  I saw him last week and broke down in tears afterwards because he was so upset. The other prisoners are all saying he has committed a crime that he has not done, but it is all because the wrong information was put out on the prisoners’ internal email system. 

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